2.1 Hand Building

Pinch Method
Pinch Building
Coil Building
Slab Building

Pinch Method is the easiest way of making small items such as little bowl or cup. A hollow shape is pinched with the thumb in a small ball of clay, carefully thinner the wall with the fingers, keep working until the desired shape is formed. If the clay is a bit softer as working, if so, let it dry to be harder, then continue to form it.

Coil Method is the best way to build asymmetric form if you don't have a potter"s wheel. It is easier to master and build a larger shape than the pinch method. Starting to roll out a coil, then make a base of the pot, coiling the shape you plan. It is better to work on the bending wheel if you have one. If the clay is proper consistency and plastic, no clay slip is needed.

Slab Method is good for geometric form and larger sculpture. Roll a big piece of a slab, then cut out the slabs you need. It is better for a drawing or paper cut ahead of time. Once the slabs are leather hard, cut the edges in a 45% angle, then score and joint them with clay slip.

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