4 Firing

Wood firing in Jingdezhen
Wood firing in Jingdezhen
Wood firing in Jingdezhen

Key Chemical Changes in the Firing

0-100C: moisture escape

Caution: ware must be fired slowly tp allow the moisture to escape from the pots completely.

(door ajar, peephole open, pre-soak regarding the thickness of works. I tried cone 6 red clay with fine grog, artwork thickness between 1- 3cmm, pre-soak takes 4 hours.)

100-300C: chemical water and gases start to leave the body; organic matters burn out.

Caution: ware easily explodes during this period if moisture still traps inside the pots.

(all moisture left from the ware around 200C, door, and peephole is closed).

500-600C: silica inversion, crystals from clay to ceramics, shrinkage/expansion 3% begin at 575c (should be fired slowly or soaked for 1/2 hours)

Caution: ware easy to crack if silica inversion goes too fast.

1100-1650C: needlelike glass formation depends on the clay types, go slowly, longer soaking might need for some special glaze.

Caution: pinholes, glaze surface insufficient might appear if soak at the end does not do correctly or smoothly.

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