1.2 Burnishing

Burnishing Pot

(Alternative methods without Terra Sigillata)


  1. Bone dry pot
  2. Sandpaper
  3. Rag/Towel/Think plastic (bag) sheet
  4. Water
  5. Vegetable Oil

Option 1

  1. Wet the pot & rub water with fingers
  2. Make some slip, fill the gap if need to
  3. Work in a spiral motion evenly
  4. Cover with vegetable oil
  5. Leave10 minutes
  6. Rub again with a (smooth) stone/spoon
  7. Finish it with a chamois-leather
  8. Deco-incising or colored Terra Sigillata if want to
  9. Bisque firing to cone 018 before pit firing..etc.

Option 2

  1. If any rough/lump surface, sand smoothly first
  2. Cover with baby oil
  3. Rub with a T-shirt cloth (slightly wet/damp)
  4. Burnish with a stone/stainless steel spoon
  5. Bisque firing to cone 018 before pit firing..etc.

Further finishing to enhance the shine after firing

  • Polishing with oils OR
  • Rubbing the surface with a thing costing of wax