1 Pit Firing

Digging a hole
Bisque firing the pots to cone 018 before pit firing
Set the fire
Pit Firing Wares

Materials for Pit Firing

1/ Dig a Hole (Depend on workload)

2/ Fine & Coarse sawdust

3/ Newspaper

4/ Metal grate or grill rack

5/ Straws

6/ Spit Wood

7/ Tin-foil Saggar (with dry banana/fruit skin, copper wire, and other oxides.) for color effect.

8/ Lighter Fluids

If firing is over cone 9, the polish effect will be lost/disappeared.

In most cases, I prefer a porous “soft” bisque of cone 018-014 (bisque 700-800 ---750)  because this porosity facilitates multiple color development and more intense colors.