2.4 The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park(Shiga Prefectural Togeino Mori), Shigaraki

Putting the works in kiln; 800c something

Shigaraki is one of the oldest Japanese ancient kilns and famous for its long ceramics history. It is also a place known for producing teaware for the traditional tea ceremony. Since 1992, the SCCP has opened the Institute of Ceramic Studies for professional ceramic artists from all over the world to the artist-in-residence program. Up to the year of 2016, 1,153 ceramists from 50 countries were hosted.

The concept of Wabi-Sabi is one of the most important Japanese aesthetics. Shigaraki is a place with long ceramics history of Wabi-Sabi Wares. It is also an ideal place for ceramists because of its rich deposits of high-quality ceramic materials. The artist-in-residence program at the SCCP (The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park) provides artists to work in a stimulating creative environment through exchanges with other artists.

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