1.3.2 The Fortifications of Xian/Xian City Wall, Xian

Visit the Xian City Wall; enjoy the civilization of 13 past dynasties. Located in The Core Belt of Xian City, Xian City Wall, is the Royal Clan Nestles at Changan City in Tang Dynasty. The City Wall is rectangular with a perimeter of 13.74 km. City Wall is the most complete ancient fortification in China.

Xian City Wall was established in the 2nd year of the Kaihuang period of the Sui Dynasty (A.D.582). It was repaired through age on the basis of the capital city in the Sui and Tang Dynasty and was extended to east and north in the early years of the Hongwu period in the Ming Dynasty. The City Wall includes a moat, hanging bridge, gate tower, arrow tower, city tower, turret, watchtower, parapet wall, crenel ...etc.

Xian, China
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