Visiting Lecturer "Ceramic Art and Design" Course, Artist-in-Residence, Department of Visual Studies, Lingnan University

Ceramic Art and Design Workshop
Ceramic Art and Design From Practice to Theory Course
Ceramic Art and Design From Practice to Theory Course
Ceramic Art and Design From Practice to Theory Course

Artist-in-Residence, Studio Course:  Ceramic Art and Design: From Practice to Theory

Term One: 4/9/2017-1/12/2017 (Course Outline for 13 weeks)

School: Department of Visual Studies, Lingnan University

Lecturer:  Sita Wong

Course Description:

This course introduces ceramics through hand-built and wheel-thrown methods of construction. Students will engage with a brief exploration of materials and processes. This includes clay preparation, construction techniques, glaze application, and kiln firing. The historic and theoretical applications of clay design and ceramics as a fine art medium are presented through a series of lectures. For the final project, students will develop their own work from the initial concept to the completion of work with mentoring.


The course will be taught through demonstrations, studio exercises, lectures, literature research, discussions, and critiques. The content is integrated with two learning areas, which are Ceramic Arts Marking Process and Ceramic Arts Appreciation. In the early stage of learning, students will learn the hands-on skills in making clay works, understand the basic knowledge of the visual language, and explore their artistic potential through studio exercises. Then, students will take an independent learning approach by practicing their skills and knowledge in research and final projects.


This course aims to enhance students' techniques of artistic production through clay design. We will look into the practice of contemporary ceramics and how ceramic artists use art language to express their ideas, concepts, and moods.  In addition, the lecture course will cover materials that enhance their abilities in ceramic art appreciation and critical thinking.