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and OTHER SHOWS (Community Arts) Project

Ceramics is a very ubiquitous art material. It can be used for functional ware, decorative ornament, sculpture, installation art, architecture, and public art. As a ceramist, I am always interested in using clay as the media to engage with the community which does not usually participate in the arts. it is hoped that through art with imagination would carry meaningful messages and trigger new perspectives of the community.

"The 1st and OTHER SHOWS: Ceramics x Farming" 

 "and OTHER SHOWS: Ceramics x Farmingis a cross-disciplinary community project we co-hosted and collaborated with the Permaculture Institute of Hong Kong, which is an NGO run by a group of local permacultures practitioners and farmers. After on-site visits, sharings, and meetings, we were amazed to discover many common interests in both of our professions. This includes the use of soil/clay (to grow vs. to create), the heritage of handicraft skills (to farm vs. to make), the value of naturalness (to be organic vs. to be original). Our objectives are to increase the awareness and interest on permanent agriculture through ceramic art as a catalyst, with a series of art and cultural events taking place at a local farm site.

Our contribution included strategic planning and implementation. Working together, we coordinated an Artist Talktwo Saturday Artist-led Workshops (Hand-building Pottery & Pit Firing), and a Sunday Ceramics x Farming Festival for the public.  At this festival, guests were encouraged to participate in a wide variety of art and social activities, including Students Exhibition, Artist Exhibition, Artist Guild Tour, Farmer Guild Tour of local agriculture, Cultural Tour of the Chow Tin Old Village, Arts & Crafts Demonstrations, Face Painting and Farmers Market...etc. Additionally, our studio created the ceramic installation of "Hundred Farming Boots" and a set of "Farming" Table Ware especially for this theme to elicit a public dialogue.

Exceptionally well, we welcomed more than 200 guests to the festival who came from different backgrounds. The diversity ranges from children to elderlies, farmers to art enthusiasts, from city to countryside. The (Hong Kong) Agriculture, Fisheries, and Conservation Department documented the whole event and edited it into a short video to highlight all the key moments. It is published on its official Facebook page. Click Ceramics x Farming Festival to watch the video!

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